Welcome to my world


So you might be asking yourself, what is “srs art”? How did I get here? What impact have I made? What is the meaning of my existence? Well unfortunately I only have answers for the first question.

SRS Art Productions is a label I can attach and own to any piece of “art” that I am working on at the time. From glitch images to data-bending videos with music (sometimes original pieces).

I am completely self taught, which may be a surprise or a “no shit untalented asshole” but I hope that’s not the case. I have been creating media since a very young age after seeing stop-motion on [adult swim] and I instantly fell in love with making and creating stories and ideas. I have veered off the idea of stop-motion for the time being and have been really interested in making glitch art/data-bending, making something completely new from something thats already existed.

So I hope to have you join me in being a part of the videos I have made and the many more to come.

–  Thank you, Spencer